Is there a 24-hour emergency dentist?

Although it seems a bit strange, emergencies in the world of dentistry are much more common than we might think. For that reason, in London it is possible to find a 24-hour emergency dentist who works in one of the highest quality dental clinics in the city: Condor Dent.

Dental emergencies can be very varied and have different types of urgency, in some cases it can even wait until the next day, but, in other cases, the emergency cannot wait and we must quickly go to our trusted dentist to solve that problem. As soon as possible.

Is there a 24-hour emergency dentist?

One of the main qualities of an emergency dentist is that he is on call 24 hours a day and that he can attend to his patients no matter what time or day such an emergency occurs.

For that reason, it is so advantageous to know which 24-hour dentist near me we have available and if these professionals have enough knowledge and experience to treat the conditions that may arise in our oral health.

One recommendation that we would like to offer you is that despite being in an emergency, try to think a little and do not get carried away by the first option you find.

What do we mean by this? To a simple enough thing: not all dental clinics in London that offer emergency services are of sufficient quality to offer you quality treatment.

What to do then in case of a dental emergency? Go directly to the 24-hour emergency dentist at the Condor Dent dental clinic. We can assure you that any professional who is on duty there will meet all her demands and needs.

So now you know that at Condor Dent, you have a dentist London 24 hours available in case you have a dental emergency that won’t let you or any member of your family sleep.

What can be considered a dental emergency?

It is very, very relevant that they know what kind of conditions or cases need emergency care from a 24-hour dentist near me, that way, they will not wait any longer than they should and will be able to treat their case without problems.

Let us know then below the dental emergencies that may arise and for which they will need the support of an emergency dentist as soon as possible:

  1. Dental abscess. Dental abscesses are conditions that we have to be very careful about and these small sacs filled with pus can cause a lot of pain and be quite annoying. These types of emergencies can be caused by the presence of cavities in the area, some type of injury, among other things.
  2. Caries with a pain that cannot be borne. It is possible that at some point those cavities that you have in your mouth cause pain that is almost unbearable and that cannot be reduced even by taking the strongest painkillers on the market. These types of cavities are seen as dental emergencies and must be treated urgently.
  3. Fractured teeth Have any of your teeth been broken? They should go directly to the dentist so that their fractured tooth is fixed and also to be sure that this fracture does not generate another major problem in our teeth.
  4. Very strong pains. One of the most recognized dental emergencies has to do with very bad pain that does not pass despite having taken pain medication. Are they in a lot of pain? Visit the trusted emergency clinic as soon as possible.
  5. Problems with a dental implant. Dental implants are very effective and almost never create complex or emergency situations. In the same way, the probabilities of a dental implant failure are latent and it is important to be very careful if it happens and go quickly to our trusted dentist.

What to do in case of suffering what we think is a dental emergency?

What are the steps we should take if we encounter what we think is a dental emergency? Today we will know how to react to this type of situation to make the best decisions and never lose control and peace of mind.

1. Communicate with our emergency dentist 24 hours

The first thing we must do when we suffer some type of condition, injury, unbearable pain or other ailments in our oral health is to quickly call our 24-hour emergency dentist to tell them a little about our situation.

How to go about calling Condor Dent with its 24-hour dentists near me? It is quite simple, we only have to dial the landline: 02080012373 or the mobile: 07445408884.

When calling the emergency dentist we must be very clear with what happens to us, it is for this reason that it is recommended to be as calm as possible to deliver the correct information about our condition.

Why is it important to call the emergency dentist first?

Simply to make sure that our case actually warrants going to the clinic at that time and that we cannot wait another minute.

It is possible that when you tell the professional about the case, you simply assign us a medicine or a treatment and we can wait until the next day or a few hours to see if the situation improves and we can avoid visiting the emergency dentist.

2. Take everything you need and go directly to the dental clinic

After having confirmed with the professional of the dental clinic that our case is indeed an emergency, the next step is simply to take everything we need and go directly to the dental clinic.

3. We can go home now!

At the end of the treatment that the oral professional must carry out to solve the condition or problem that we presented, we will wait for them to give us the green light and we will be able to return home feeling much better and with the peace of mind of having overcome a dental emergency without no problem.

You already know that you can count on Condor Dent to solve any cosmetic issue or oral health problems, that way you will never have to wonder if there is a dentist near me again.

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