Children’s dentist in London

Today we will tell you about the Children’s Dentist in London and many things about children’s oral health.

Below we are going to answer a series of questions with various concerns about dental health for children that will surely be very useful for parents who want to promote good care of their children’s teeth.

What type of dentist treats children?

The professional who is responsible for the oral health of children from infancy to adolescence is the pediatric dentist or pediatric dentist.

The training of a children’s dentist is approximately 6 or 7 years.

Since they must study dentistry and then specialize in dentistry for babies, children and adolescents with special needs.

The pediatric dentist must be a big boy as well as a professional to understand children’s fears of the dentist and through play provide them with security and take them to professional care where they are never afraid to attend the consultation.

Therefore, you should always ask for a child-friendly dentist near me, which will provide all the security to your children and yourself.

When to take children to the dentist for the first time?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children’s first visit to the dentist should be as soon as they are one year old.

Subsequently, annual check-ups should be done to prevent cavities and other oral problems.

In this first appointment, the pediatric dentist will check for the presence of baby bottle cavities and possible anomalies related to the eruption of the teeth and their growth.

Additionally, it will give necessary recommendations to parents to maintain good oral hygiene in children, preventive care and nutrition.

What is dental care for children?

It is super important to take care of children’s mouths and teeth from an early age, to avoid problems with their baby teeth and when permanent teeth come out.

Baby mouth care

When there are still no teeth, cleaning should be done using a gauze moistened with warm water, which is wrapped around the finger and passed over all the baby’s gums and tongue, in order to remove any traces of milk that may remain. .

Cleaning with gauze can also serve as relief for the baby, since gently massaging the discomfort caused by tooth eruption can be relieved a little.

Care from the first teeth

After the first eruption, an infant-appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste should be used. Toothpaste should contain a very small amount of fluoride (1000ppm) as they tend to swallow it.

When they are older and with more teeth, you should continue to look for the polite brush and cream, but also incorporate the use of dental floss to remove food debris where the brush cannot enter.

Low sugar diet is essential

Por último, queremos mencionar que la dieta de los niños tiene mucho que ver con el cuidado de sus dientes.  El azúcar por ejemplo, es el villano que más ataca la salud dental de los niños.

Finally, we want to mention that children’s diet has a lot to do with the care of their teeth. Sugar, for example, is the villain that most attacks children’s dental health.

Sticky sweets are the most dangerous enemies of the teeth, such as candies, gummies, chocolates and chewing gum, because of their texture they tend to stick to the teeth and are difficult to remove.

So it is preferable to moderately offer sweets such as chocolates, which melt in the mouth and are easier to clean.

Sugary juices or sodas should also be avoided and much more so if your child is exposed to sugar for a long time without brushing.

In general, brushing your teeth should be done after every meal, in the right way, with the right toothbrush and toothpaste, and with the help of proper nutrition.

Where to find a Children’s Dentist in London?

Now we are going to tell you where to find children’s dentists near me or to be more specific in London.

When it comes to children, parents always look for a suitable professional who makes us feel safe with the treatment or special care of our children.

This is why at CondorDent you can find the confidence you are looking for, with a specialized group of Spanish-speaking professionals who will offer the best service and attention to all types of patients, including children, who are extremely welcome at our clinic.

We can also assist you as a good emergency children’s dentist near me, for those priority moments where your children are going through pain or a bad time with their teeth, we are here to serve you and get you out of trouble, but most importantly, that your children feel relief.

What are the most common oral problems in children?

Without a doubt, the most common problem in children is dental caries. Keep in mind the following figures so that you are attentive as a parent in the care of your children’s dental health:

  • One in ten two-year-olds already has one or more dental cavities
  • 28% of three-year-olds already have one or more dental cavities
  • 50% of five-year-olds have one or more dental cavities

These figures allow us to understand several things, firstly that children are already suffering from cavities from a very young age and secondly, that as they grow older and surely consume more sweets, the problem of cavities increases.

From the foregoing, we can also conclude that we parents are the most responsible for our children’s dental health, since they are not aware of the implications of a lack of cleanliness and prefer playing to brushing.

We hope that all these answers related to the Children’s Dentist in London and everything around children’s oral health have been of great learning for you and that you put into practice the advice we give you not only with the oral health of your children but also of adults.

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