Invisalign financing with our Condor Dent clinic

Before talking to you about invisalign financing, we are going to tell you what this revolutionary treatment for straightening teeth consists of.

What is invisalign?

Invisalign is a sophisticated system of teeth aligners, which are made of a transparent plastic material, which fulfill the function of orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign offers a faster result than braces, in addition to being more comfortable, removable and has many other advantages that we will explain later.

Difference between orthodontics with braces and invisalign

Traditionally, orthodontics has relied on braces to align crooked teeth and correct bad bites, however, innovation in this field of dental aesthetics has made it possible to choose other correction options for crooked teeth.

One of the most popular is invisalign, thanks to its fast results and better aesthetics.

Below we will mention some of the most notable differences between both types of orthodontic treatments:

Fixed vs. Mobile

The most noticeable difference between both treatments is that braces are fixed devices that cover the teeth, while invisalign is a removable treatment that has transparent aligners that change every two weeks.

It should be clarified that for invisalign treatment to be effective, the person must wear the splint for at least 22 hours a day and can remove it to eat and brush.


Results with braces treatment can take months, while with invisalign results can be seen in days.

However, with the brackets being fixed, it is not in the control of the patient to use them or not, which can determine with more certainty the treatment time.

While with invisalign, the patient can remove the splints for much longer than desired, which can be a little more difficult to determine the final time of treatment.


With braces, the first few days are very likely to cause internal injuries to the cheeks and lips due to rubbing. While with invisalign you do not have any of these discomforts, since the splints do not produce any type of internal wound.


Traditional braces are totally visible and many think they are unsightly, while invisalign, when using transparent splints, are imperceptible from medium and long distances, which represents an important aesthetic advance.

Results forecast

A great advantage of invisalign treatment is that through 3D software you can predict the final result, you could see how your teeth will be aligned, while with braces, this is not possible.


The costs of orthodontic treatment with braces are much lower than orthodontics with invisalign, since the latter is a high-tech and totally personalized treatment, which makes its cost more expensive.

Finally, in both treatments the results are effective, but it will be the specialist who suggests the best treatment to follow and you who finally decide according to the advantages and disadvantages that we have just mentioned.

Invisalign financing

Now, we are going to mention about the invisalign payment plan to fit your finances and economic conditions.

At CondorDent we have a financing system for dental treatments in general and especially for invisalign UK Financing.

In order to make paying for dental treatments more comfortable, at CondorDent we offer a financing or monthly payment system for invisalign, which we will explain how it works below.

The Finance 4 system allows you to:

  • Divide the cost of your treatment into comfortable installments, which are affordable according to your economic possibilities
  • Pay the installments without additional VAT charges
  • Make the payment of your first installment, one month after starting your treatment
  • Obtain an immediate response in the study of your financing, since the process is online and you can do it from the comfort of your home and at any time of the day.

Additionally, the Finance 4 system offers you two payment possibilities:

Payment during treatment

When dental treatment requires many sessions and visits to our dental clinic, you can opt for this payment option for your invisalign treatment.

The only condition required in this payment option is that at the end of the last session of your dental treatment, the last invisalign financing installment must be paid.

Payment before treatment

Many other patients prefer to pay their treatment in easy installments before starting it. The payments are registered in our system and we give you a receipt with the updated balance so that you have total clarity of your fees and

As you already realized, we can say that invisalign uk is worth it not only for its results, its advantages and for invisalign financing.

Go ahead and visit us at our dental clinic to advise you on the most appropriate orthodontic treatment according to your oral health conditions and economic conditions.

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