Dr. David Rodriguez Rico

Dr David Rodriguez Rico has performed in our clinic as a dentist specialised in fillings, reconstructions, prosthetics, aesthetic treatments, extractions, periodontics and surgery. One of its main characteristics is its social skills and the ability to treat its patients with care, professionalism and amiability. In addition, Dr Rico is a very responsible, competent and punctual person. Qualities which speak by themselves from someone. Moreover, he is very meticulous when carrying a treatment because he is prudent with the procedure to make sure mistakes are reduced as low as possible.

Furthermore, Dr Rico has been qualified as a dental surgeon by the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid- Spain. He gathered experience working in Zamora- Spain, before moving to the UK. In 2019 he had been working in the UK as a general dentist, exclusively for private clinics. Therefore, his experience is very valuable as he can quickly adapt from one country to the other.

Dr Rico is not only a qualified dentist, but he also maintains his knowledge up to date. By researching and practising with the newest technologies available in the dentistry market, which is very good for him and his patients as they will be in very professional hands.


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