Periodontal Disease

The two primary periodontal diseases are; gingivitis and periodontitis. To begin with, if gingivitis is not treated and cured, it can develop into a more destructive form; periodontitis. In this case, the disease is more aggressive and can be responsible for the loss of gum and the bone around the ill teeth. In both cases, immediate medical attention is needed.

Oral and Systemic Health

The patient should be aware of the connection between periodontal diseases and increasing risks of other health issues. In the same way, a pregnant woman should be informed that uncontrolled periodontal disease can complicate the pregnancy.  In addition, other conditions could develop a non-treated periodontal illness such as; heart disease, stroke, cancer, pulmonary disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Risk Assessment

Doctors usually undertake evaluations and risk assessments to develop preventive measures for their patients. For example, patients with obesity are at a higher risk of developing heart diseases. Therefore, preventive measures could include; weight loss and cholesterol-lowering drugs. In the same way, preventative measures are essential to improve oral health and significantly reduce inflammation. 


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