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The two most known and harmful periodontal diseases are; gingivitis and periodontitis. In the case of gingivitis, if it is not well treated, in some individuals it has tended to develop into a much more advanced and destructive disease, periodontitis. This, being more aggressive, is the cause of the loss of gum and bone around the affected tooth. In both forms, immediate medical dental attention is required.

Systematic and oral health

The patient should be aware of the connection between periodontal disease and increased risk of other diseases. In the same way, pregnant women should be informed about how periodontal disease, if not controlled, can seriously complicate pregnancy. Other diseases that can develop if periodontal disease is not properly controlled are; heart disease, cardiac arrest, cancer, lung disease and arthritis.

Risk assessment

Doctors often conduct risk assessments in order to develop preventative measures for their patients. A good example is patients with obesity, since they tend to have a high risk of developing heart disease. Prevention measures could be losing weight and cholesterol through the use of medications. In the same way, precautionary measures are necessary to improve oral health and, in particular, reduce inflammation in the patient.

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