Teeth Whitening

For a movie smile, it is not necessary to change your eating habits

Getting a bright smile is as easy as visiting your dentist!

For a movie smile, it is not necessary to change your eating habits, you just have to replace your toothpaste with a whitening one, and little by little you will see the result!
Also, you could add the following materials to your oral cleaning habits:
  • whitening mouthwash
  • whitening pens
  • whitening strips

If you are one of those who chews gum after every meal, there are some brands of gum that help with teeth whitening.

How white can your teeth be?

How white can my teeth be?
This depends on several factors. For example;
The use of whitening agents: whitening agents cause an oxidation reaction through which the molecules of the organic remains inside the tooth lose their color, thus achieving a whiter and brighter tooth. It should be mentioned that with this process you cannot control the natural color of your teeth and how they will react to the treatment.

Most dental treatments are not permanent

The long-term results of dental whitening treatments will depend a lot on the eating habits and oral hygiene of each person. For example, a person who smokes or daily or regularly consumes beverages that alter the natural pigmentation of the tooth (such as coffee, soft drinks or wine) tend to need whitening touch-ups more regularly compared to a person who does not consume such beverages and who does not smoke.

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