At Condor Dent, we opt out of conservative dentistry. In other words, we try to preserve the original dentition. In addition, working with the latest technology and low-friction systems allow us to prevent teeth extractions.

Moreover, our digital radiology services ease the obtention of oral images. In this case, it is beneficial because it helps the detection and prevention of oral problems. If an X-ray more accurate is needed, we have the tools required for such as orthopantomography and telerradiography. Furthermore, we use the Straumann implants system, which, thanks to its process of osteointegration the durability and success of them makes them the most reliable.

Because we use;

  • Minimal friction systems
  • High quality materials
  • The latest technologies
  • Digital radiology devices
  • For more detailed X-rays: X-ray tube
  • Orthopantomography and Teleradiograph for orthodontic cases
  • Straumann Implants

We have it all!

Our main goal is that while your visit, you feel the most comfortable as possible. Therefore, our waiting room has been soundproofed modified. This will allow you quietly relax.

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