Dental implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth that performs the functions of a natural one. The benefit of this treatment is that the patient will recover the functionality and the aesthetic of the after result.

For a dental implant, we use a titanium screw that fits into the jaw bone. Then, a crown mimics the shape and colour of a natural tooth. Even though it might seem easy, it is essential to carry out a complete study of the patient’s mouth. It will help our specialists to create a more accurate treatment plan.

We return the functionality of your oral structure

A dental implant is a small cylindrical screw shape made of a metal biologically compatible with our body, so the probability of rejection is minimal. Its primary function is to replace any lost tooth root and support an artificial tooth or a dental prosthesis.

Dental implants have many advantages for the patient, such as; providing comfort, support, stability and self-confidence as they recover their complete denture.

Implantology, a solution for your oral health

Implantology is the surgical area of dentistry. In this case, it is dedicated to the placement of dental implants in the jaw. These are structures made of pure titanium, which will replace the root of any lost teeth. For the patient, it will provide a safe and permanent solution. In addition, it will return the masticatory, phonetic and aesthetic functions of the teeth.

The type of implant will be based on a diagnosis, prognosis and interdisciplinary treatment plan established by the specialist.


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