Dra. Cristina Gamboa Torres

Dra Cristina Gamboa Torres is one of our specialist in implants and a leader in orthodontics. She graduated from the University of Mogi das Cruzes in Portugal in 1991. After gaining her Honours degree in Dentistry, Dra Gamboa decided to continue studying, and her interest raised in Orthodontics and Implants. In this case, she obtained a Master degree with Honours at the Bredent Academy Group in 2000. In addition, she also completed specialists studies in Orthodontics at the Dentists Union of São Paulo.

As stated above, Dra Gamboa is a very experienced dentist with a specialist in orthodontics and dental implants. She has become an expert by providing an efficient solution to any dental problem to her patients.

For example, she is a specialist treating patients who present complex orthodontic problems in the proficient use of cutting-edge orthodontic treatments and implant techniques. Her patient’s rage is from children to adults, thanks to her experience.

One of her philosophy belief as a dental professional is that “an orthodontic treatment should only ever be required once”, hence the importance of experience and the capability to deliver a professional and accurate job.


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