¿Are you looking for dentistry in London?

Are you looking for dentistry in London? We tell you that this article will be very useful for you who live in London or are on a temporary trip, surely you need more information to make the decision of the dental clinic that best suits you.

How often should I visit the dentist?

As we have mentioned in other articles on our blog, a visit to the dentist is mandatory at least every year, to perform a cleaning and to be able to detect other possible problems with your teeth in time, such as developing cavities.

If you have any dental condition or ongoing treatment, the visit to the dentist should be more frequent at the request of the treating physician.

What we most recommend is that you do not neglect your teeth. It is not enough to brush your teeth once or twice a day and use dental floss, but a general review every six months or at least every year is super important to detect any anomaly in time.

What dental health systems exist in London?

If you live or are traveling in London, you should be clear that if you need to use dental services in London, as in many countries in the world, there are two systems, private and state.

Next, we will tell you some characteristics of each one of them so that you have some clarity when using them:

NHS (National Health Service) Dentist

The NHS is the health care system of London and the United Kingdom, which is financed by the state, therefore, residents and citizens can access it, in its entirety of specialties, medicines and treatments.

However, tourists and visitors from other countries can access this state system when you need an emergency London dentist or a basic consultation.

When it comes to dentistry in London, if you want to use an NHS dentist, you must first join the NHS and find a London dentist who is also affiliated with the NHS. You can identify this with the blue logo on a white background that contains the acronym NHS.

The registry involves a series of data on medical history, allergies and a small questionnaire.

  • Some of the services offered by the NHS dentist are:
  • white filling
  • dental cleanings
  • root canals
  • crowns and bridges
  • orthodontics for minors

When you use NHS services you should be aware that you will pay according to one of three fee categories:

Fare 1, £23.80. Included with this fee is an exam, counseling and consultation. If necessary, it includes X-rays, scaling, polishing and treatment planning to follow.

Fare 2, £65.20. This rate covers all the treatments of rate 1 and additionally fillings, extractions and root canal treatment.

Rate 3, £282.80. It covers the procedures of the two previous fees plus other more complex treatments such as crowns, bridges and dentures.

Private dentist

The second option when looking for dental in London or dentistry in London is to look for a private dental clinic, which you can find anywhere in the city.

The biggest challenge with private clinics is the price of treatments, which can be 4-5 times more expensive than NHS rates, however you don’t have as many restrictions as in the state system.

In addition, most private clinics offer many payment facilities and other great advantages over the NHS. For example, at Condor Dent, we offer:

  • financing plans that you can adjust to your finances
  • permanent promotions in many of its treatments, later we will tell you about the ones that we have at this moment available for you.
  • benefit plans for companies and workers.
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Staff of high human quality and professionalism
  • comfortable facilities
  • quality materials
  • minimal friction systems
  • digital radiology devices
  • and in general, we seek to preserve the original teeth avoiding unnecessary extractions.

Some of our services are:

  • orthodontics
  • dental implants
  • smile design
  • endodontics
  • periodontics
  • invisalign
  • teeth whitening london
  • general dentistry and much more

Permanent promotions at Condor Dent

So that you stay with us, we are constantly offering promotions that if you take advantage of, you will save a few good pounds sterling on your treatments. Here we tell you what we have in force:

Composite & Emax dental veneers, free first consultation
Teeth whitening + free teeth cleaning
Open Day implants December 16 and 17, first free consultation
Open Day orthodontics January 12 and 26, first free consultation

We hope that all the information we offered you about dentistry in London has been very useful in making decisions when you require dental services in London.

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