Condor Dent your dental clinic in Brixton

At our dental clinic in Brixton

We provide users with comprehensive dental consulting services, specialized in the design of the smile and oral health of our patients.

We use advanced technology and carefully selected products to guarantee high quality through a professional team with recognized experience.

What services does our dental clinic in Brixton provide?

Since our dental clinic in London has the highest quality standards, we provide our patients with a relaxing, pain-free dental experience with excellent results, our philosophy is to support and accompany clients in all dental procedures.

dental clinic in Brixton

Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive service to ensure that our patients are completely satisfied, therefore, from the search for “Dental Clinic in Brixton”, we listen to your concerns, and we recommend that you choose the appropriate treatment method, and in each stage of the process To accompany you and have a quality experience.

We always hope to provide you with a relaxing dental experience through highly secure, painless protocols with excellent results.

Looking for a dental clinic in Brixton for a dental service?

We are the indicated ones, at Condor Dent we attend to your emergencies 24 hours a day, write to us and it will be a pleasure to assist you.

dental clinic in Brixton


Moment, before you go on. Are you already familiar with our dental implant treatment at the best price?

Where do you find us?

We have a spectacular headquarters, we are located at Unit 1, Holles House, Overton Road Brixton, SW9 7AP, London UK.

We focus on smile enhancement, through cosmetic procedures such as smile design, teeth whitening, dental implants, relaxation dentistry and orthodontics in the UK.

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