The best dental care Brixton with your Condor Dent clinic

Because you deserve the best care for your oral health, we offer you a wide range of dental care services Brixton, a well-located area south of London so you have no excuses to take care of your teeth.

At Condor Dent we offer services typical of a Brixton dental center

At our Brixton dental clinic we offer a wide range of services for the care of your dental health, below we will tell you about what we can offer you:

General odontology

Within this service, which you should use at least once a year to keep your mouth and teeth in optimal condition. In this sense we can offer you dental cleanings, fillings, extractions, bridges and crowns.

Orthodontic services

To prevent future problems due to malocclusion or bad bite, or you simply want to have aesthetically pleasing teeth, you should turn to an expert at our clinic to determine the best orthodontic treatment for your particular condition.

Dental implants

To restore a beautiful smile to all people, when one or more teeth have been lost, or when you do not want to use false teeth, the best option is dental implants, which, in addition to being comfortable, are durable and functional.

Endodontic service

When there is swelling, pain when chewing, sensitivity, inflation, it is possible that a cavity has made its own and produced an infection and death of the nerve or pulp of the tooth, which generates necrosis and all the symptoms explained above.

In these cases, a root canal or endodontic treatment is necessary and the necrosis must be treated, trying to preserve the root and the pulp of the tooth as much as possible or, failing that, fill it with a special material.

Smile designs

Smile design is a broader concept than just the size or color of the teeth, it also involves the lips, the gums and the face in general.

For these reasons, our smile design experts look at all these concepts so that the way you smile makes you feel confident and changes your perspective on life with a perfect smile.

Periodontal service

Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two most common and aggressive periodontal diseases that can cause loss of gums and bone around the problem tooth.

These problems should be treated by expert dentists to prevent future problems.


About this revolutionary system to align your teeth, which is different from the use of braces that we traditionally know for this same purpose, we have great information in our article on invisalign.

Teeth whitening

To have a whiter and more beautiful smile, a dental whitening treatment is the ideal, since it will allow you to restore a more vivid and bright color to your teeth, which is lost with the consumption of some foods, and the consumption of tobacco.

To have a longer-lasting color on your teeth, use whitening strips or pens or a mouthwash, but you should also take care of your eating habits by reducing the consumption of coffee, red wine, cola and colored drinks.

As you may have realised, after telling you about Condor Dent services, it is totally clear that we are a fully expert Brixton dental center to attend to all your dental needs wherever you need them.

Best Dental Clinic Brixton

We want to tell you that to access all our services you should not worry about money, since at our Brixton dental clinic we offer a financing service and payment facilities that are adjusted to your economic conditions.

Our Finance 4 system allows you to finance your treatments with 0% interest, an immediate credit study and an impressive facility to access this financing system, that simply, you will not have any problem in taking our services.

Finally, if you need dental customer service, visit us at our Condor Dent clinic, which is located in Brixton, specifically at Unit 1, Holles House, Overton Road Brixton, SW9 7AP, London UK

Now that you know more about the Brixton dental care that we offer at our clinic, we invite you to visit us and/or request an assessment appointment.

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