Tips for Identifying What Counts as a Dental Emergency or Urgency

Urgency emergency dental

Have you had dental pain or discomfort and don’t know if it is a dental emergency or emergency that requires immediate attention? Here are some key points when making the decision to attend a dental clinic or request an appointment that provides an effective solution for your particular case.

Tips for Identifying What Counts as a Dental Emergency or Urgency

Urgencia o emergencia dental

What is an emergency and how to differentiate it from a dental urgency

A dental emergency is when, due to the symptoms it presents, the life of the patient is compromised and requires care in a hospital center. While a dental urgency is all acute symptoms (ailments or discomfort) caused by the teeth or mucosa (gums and oral cavity), that is, a pain that is present for a day or several that is difficult to control and requires immediate attention.

Types of urgencies

  • Inflammation or infection that compromises the airway and prevents breathing or swallowing.
  • Fracture of the face due to trauma (blow or accident).

Types of dental emergencies

  • Pain: it is an unexpected, intense pain present for hours without apparent cause, sometimes with greater intensity at night and does not stop with any home remedy.
  • Tooth fracture due to blow or fall: it is a tooth that is broken or falls out due to external causes.
    Appearance of wisdom teeth (wisdom teeth or last tooth to erupt).
  • Post-extraction bleeding: It is bleeding that persists for more than eight to twelve hours after extraction.
  • Acute pain in the gums: it is the pain caused by inflammation or infection of the same and may present bleeding.
  • Other types of emergencies consult here

    When you present any of these conditions it is better to consult with the dentist who can recommend the ideal treatment for your case.

Triggers of a dental urgency

  • Loss of a dental wedge
  • Food caught in the teeth or gums
  • sinus infection due to migration of mucus into the oral cavity.
  • Bruxism (clenching your teeth during the day or night).

24 hour dental urgencies

ave you used several alternatives and it does not reduce the pain? Contact us we are available to resolve concerns and queries regarding your condition.
Talk to our dentist available 24 hours a day for emergencies at landline: 02080012373 or mobile: 07445408884.

What to do in case of a severe toothache at night?

Remedio casero urgencia dental
Remedio casero dolor insoportable de muela

Here are some practical tips to manage pain accessible to everyone:

  •  Oral analgesics: you can take those analgesics that your treating doctor has sent you in previous visits to manage the pain.
  • Mint tea: mint is a plant that, due to its antiseptic properties and its pleasant taste, is used in toothache as it contains menthol as an active ingredient, it refreshes the mouth and calms the pain, when consumed or when biting into a tea bag .
  • Cold compresses: Applying ice with a towel to the affected area for 20 minutes helps the blood vessels contract or make vasoconstriction (reduce their size) and in this way low inflammation and pain, this process must also be repeated in the day or in the night 3 times this gives you time to attend our clinic.
  • Salt water rinses: salt for its antibacterial properties helps in cases where inflammation is caused by trapped food or tooth fractures.
Remember that these solutions do not replace a consultation with the specialist, it is a measure used to have time to get to the dental appointment.

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