What does peg tooth mean? and its possible treatment

Today you will learn a little more about the peg tooth, what this means, what implications it has and what its treatment is.

First, let’s understand: What is a peg tooth?

A peg tooth is a tooth that is altered in shape and reduced in size compared to normal teeth.

The alteration in the size of the teeth is known as microdontia and usually occurs in the maxillary lateral incisor teeth, called peg incisors, peg lateral tooth, or conical or conoid maxillary lateral incisors.

This alteration in the teeth is not very frequent, approximately between 0.6 and 9.9% of people suffer from this dental condition and although it is not a serious alteration, aesthetically it does not look very good, which may have other implications for the person who suffers.

Some Causes of Peg Teeth

It is believed that some of the causes of peg teeth could be due to genetic factors responsible for the formation of peg teeth.

It is also believed, according to current scientific research, that the appearance of conical or peg teeth is due to evolution, in which case, before disappearing, they decrease in size and become conical.

Solution to fix a peg tooth

To fix pin teeth or give the tooth a normal tooth shape, there are some solutions like the ones explained below:


To hide the imperfection of a peg tooth, it is recommended to place veneers made of porcelain, composite or other materials that are placed on the front face of the tooth to give the tooth the required shape and size.

This solution is painless, fast and gives very good results.


To solve the alteration of the shape and size of the teeth, improve aesthetics and also protect the teeth, covers are used.

The covers are thicker than a veneer and cover the entire tooth, they are more durable and resistant than veneers.

To know which of the smile design solutions is best for your specific case, the dentist is the one who must determine it depending on each case.

It is also possible that the solution to your specific case requires another type of treatment such as an extraction and then a crown or similar, but this will be determined in an assessment appointment.

After performing any of these treatments you will be able to take some great before and after photos of your peg teeth and show off your new smile in complete safety.

Dental Care and Prevention to Avoid Complications with Peg Teeth

Dental health is essential to prevent a variety of problems, including the emergence of peg teeth or managing existing pegged teeth. Here are some key recommendations for dental care and prevention, focusing on keeping peg-shaped teeth in the best condition possible and avoiding further complications.

1. Effective Oral Hygiene Routine

Proper oral hygiene is the first step in caring for your teeth, whether they’re peg teeth or not. It’s crucial to brush your teeth at least twice a day, using a proper technique to reach all dental surfaces. Daily flossing is equally important to remove plaque and food debris between the teeth, especially in those pegged teeth where buildup can be more prone due to their shape and position.

2. Regular Dental Visits

For those with peg-shaped teeth, regular visits to the dentist are crucial. Not just for a professional cleaning, which helps maintain overall dental health, but also to monitor the condition of peg teeth. The dentist can identify any changes or potential problems early and suggest preventive or corrective treatments as needed.

3. Healthy Eating

A balanced diet is vital for maintaining strong and healthy teeth. Consuming foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, C, and D, supports the health of teeth and gums. Limiting sugar and acids, which can promote tooth decay and dental erosion, is especially important for those with peg teeth, as they may be more susceptible to these issues.

4. Protection During Sports Activities

For people with peg teeth, using a mouthguard during contact sports or recreational activities can prevent accidental damage. Peg teeth can be particularly vulnerable to impacts, so this extra protection is a wise measure.

5. Preventive Treatments

Discussing preventive treatments with your dentist, such as dental sealants or fluoride applications, can be beneficial for strengthening the teeth and protecting against decay. These treatments can be especially useful for those with peg-shaped teeth, providing an additional layer of protection.

By following these recommendations, individuals with peg teeth can not only improve the appearance of their teeth but also protect their dental health in the long term. Prevention and proper care are key to maintaining a healthy smile and avoiding future complications with peg teeth.

Peg lateral incisors can have various impacts on those who have them, including

  • Aesthetic: The main concern for many people with this condition is the aesthetic aspect, as peg lateral incisors can make the smile seem unbalanced or incomplete.
  • Functional: Although less common, the chewing function can be slightly affected if the size and shape of the peg lateral incisors do not allow for proper occlusion.
  • Psychological: The appearance of the teeth plays a significant role in the self-esteem and confidence of many people. Peg lateral incisors can negatively influence how a person feels about their smile.

The best place to treat your peg-shaped teeth

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