Are you looking for the best teeth whitening clinic?

Finding a good teeth whitening clinic is difficult. Nowadays, there are many possibilities to choose from. However, not all of them meet our expectations and the quality of treatments we would like to receive.

Following the previous point, we want to tell you more about one of London’s best teeth whitening clinics.

 In this place, you will not only receive an excellent service (in fact, the best quality in the country) but you will also receive a personalised and high-quality service: Condor Dent.

What makes a teeth whitening clinic one of the best?

It is essential to recognise the characteristics and details that can make a teeth whitening clinic be one of the best among all the possible clinics we could choose from. For this reason, we will discuss the characteristics and details you should consider when identifying the best clinic.

1. The clinic’s professional experience.

One of the main features that make a dental clinic one of the best is the professionals who work there, the experience with the different types of treatment, and the resources the establishment has to carry them.

For example, with a teeth whitening treatment, even though it might sound easy, it must be done carefully. Because a good knowledge about the tools and chemicals required to undertake the task is needed, the results could be catastrophic if it is not done accurately.

One of the advantages of the specialists at Condor Dent, the best teeth whitening clinic in London, is that they count on the best technology and perform a conservative odontology procedure that prioritises the maintenance of the original denture.

2. The current dental technology

Technology evolves by leaps and bounds, and that includes dental treatments. Every year a new type of equipment is produced, new technologies, new treatments, and ways of doing.

A good clinic should be aware of these changes and be up to date with the newest technologies emerging in dentistry.

3. Excellent customer service, the key when finding the perfect teeth whitening clinic.

How often have you been assigned with a new doctor, dentist or provider (food premises, retail, among others) because of poor customer service? An excellent customer service rate differentiates a good clinic from a superb clinic.

A high-quality clinic devotes the necessary time and effort to their patients to make sure they feel comfortable and secure within the practice and when going through treatment.

A dental clinic that does not treat its customers appropriately shows that its main objective is not meeting its client’s expectations, desires and receive the best service.

4. Variety in treatments available 

Even though we are trying to choose the best teeth whitening clinic, it is essential to select a clinic that can also provide different dental treatments, such as extractions, endodontics, and veneers.

Because there is nothing better than to find a dental clinic where we could trust and go every time we need anything related to our oral health.

Is there any teeth whitening clinic near me?

At the best dental clinic in London! Condor Dent! A clinic that is located in a very privileged part of the city and they have the best prices.

The address is: 1 Holles House, Overton Road, Myatts Field South London, SW9 7AP, United Kingdom

  • Calling at the landline 0208 001 2373
  • Calling or texting at 0744 540 8884
  • Sending an email to
  • Visiting our website here, you will find direct links to chat with our staff.

Having a teeth whitening treatment is not as difficult as it used to be. You can now find your nearest dental clinic that offers competitive prices and high-quality service.

For how long can a teeth whitening treatment last?

This is the key to understand the purpose of the teeth whitening treatment. Furthermore, we will be explaining a little bit more about this treatment.

The average time this type of dental treatment tends to last is roughly five years. This means that during the first five years, you should not notice any difference. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that you should reduce some foods that tend to stain after having a teeth whitening treatment, such as coffee, tea, and alcohol.

After the first five years, you can start noticing some changes in the colour of your teeth. When reaching this point, we recommend starting thinking about a touch-up treatment.

It is well known that people who live a healthier life, take good care of their oral health, don’t smoke, and are aware of their body importance will need fewer retouches than careless ones.

In the same way, we want to inform you that the five-year period will also depend on attending the best dental clinic and having specialists. With the appropriate equipment and materials, the five years long lasting could be reassured. Nevertheless, proper maintenance is required because if you do not meet those indications, the teeth whitening treatment could last less than a year.

 So, what are you waiting for? A teeth whitening treatment can not only change your smile. Still, it will also change your appearance and your self-confidence when smiling in public, with friends, family, your partner, and even with strangers.

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