At Condor Dent you can have a free orthodontist consultation in London

Are you looking for a new orthodontist in London and don’t know where to find one? Would you like a free orthodontist consultation in London to make sure you make a good decision?

Today we will tell you how you can have a free consultation at Condor Dent, one of the best dental clinics in the UK.

Before telling you how to get a free London orthodontist consultation, it is important that you are quite clear that you know the answer to several questions that can help you better understand the reason why you go to this appointment and those questions are, for example:

What is an orthodontist consultation? What types of treatments can be carried out in these consultations? How much does an orthodontist consultation cost? Among other questions.

What is an free orthodontist consultation in London?

Professionals in the orthodontic area are those who are in charge of correcting our teeth and bones in order to fix our teeth, improve our oral health, perfect our smile and other things.

Therefore, an orthodontist consultation is one that is carried out to evaluate the condition of our teeth, mouth and teeth to make a diagnosis of those treatments that could be carried out in order to improve oral health and recover our smile.

In a few words, when you go to a free orthodontic consultation in London, what we will be doing is evaluating the oral health condition and then deciding with our orthodontist the possibility of carrying out one or more orthodontic treatments.

What types of treatments can be carried out in these consultations?

As we mentioned previously, in a first free consultation with an orthodontist, what the professional will perform is a diagnosis of the type of treatment we may need (due to the problems we may have).

After that first free consultation and to diagnose the type of problem that we may have, it will be time to talk with our trusted professional to determine what treatments we will carry out.

There are different types of orthodontic treatments among which we can mention, for example, corrective orthodontics, preventive, interceptive or even dentomaxillary orthopedics.

Let’s learn a little more about each of these forms of orthodontics below:

  • Preventive orthodontics. It is the one in charge of preventing problems in the oral structures that may arise in the future. It is not very common to see how this type of orthodontics is applied in older patients, it is usually carried out in children under 6 to 10 years old.
  • Corrective orthodontics. Corrective orthodontics should be carried out in people over 12 years of age (so that the structure of our mouth can develop correctly). This type of orthodontics is what is used (as the name implies) to correct those problems that may have occurred during the development of the oral structure, for example, crooked teeth, cross bite, among other things.
  • Interceptive orthodontics. It is a form of orthodontics in which action is taken to prevent the bad habits of the little ones in the house from causing problems in their oral health. It is not very common to see the application of this type of orthodontics in older people.

How much can an orthodontist consultation cost?

The cost of an orthodontist consultation can depend on many factors:

The orthodontists who will carry out the consultation, the quality of the service, the place where the clinic is located, the type of consultation to be carried out, among many other things.

What is the advantage they have in having found this article? Today we will tell you how to go to an orthodontist for free consultation in London and thus save a good amount of money in the process.

How can I know if it is necessary to go to an orthodontist consultation?

Before explaining the process to obtain the free orthodontist consultation in London, we believe that it is very important that they know the types of conditions that we may suffer and for which they would need to go to the orthodontist as soon as possible.

  1. Spacing. Do they have a very large gap between the teeth? This problem or condition can be treated with your orthodontist at Condor Dent.
  2. Openbite. A person suffers from an open bite if there is a space somewhere in the mouth, while in others there are no spaces left when the bite is closed.
  3. Overbite A person is said to have an overbite if the upper teeth almost completely cover the lower teeth.
  4. Underbite The case of the underbite is the opposite of the overbite, that is, the lower ones are positioned too far forward (or too far back) with respect to the upper teeth.
  5. Crowding. Crowding occurs when some of the teeth are larger than the space they should be.
  6. Other ailments and conditions.

Why choose Condor Dent for a free orthodontist consultation in London?

In addition to having a totally free first consultation for all new patients, we are a highly recommended dental clinic in London for a number of reasons which are listed below:

We seek to work the original teeth. What characterizes us the most at Condor Dental is that we work with the original teeth as long as possible, we are one of those experts in the area that we trust that the best is the original and that everything possible should be done to keep our teeth well cared for.

  • Excellent quality. Our professionals have tremendous experience in the sector and the necessary knowledge to offer you the best results.
  • The best equipment and implements. We work daily to offer our patients the best implements, supplies and equipment on the market.
  • We serve in several languages. At Condor Dent we can assist you in Spanish, English and even Portuguese!

How to request a free orthodontist consultation in London?

The process is really simple, you just have to contact us (we have different forms of contact that we will leave you later) and request your free appointment trying to clarify your case a bit to have a better idea of ​​what you may need.

It is done! Just by contacting us and requesting an appointment, you will be able to evaluate the position of your teeth, your smile and much more with great experts in the sector.

Ways to contact Condor Dent:

  • Email:
  • Calls or messages: 02080012373 or 07445408884.

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