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Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics can treat misaligned teeth or deformities due to malocclusion between the upper and inferior maxillar. It can also help reduce the space between teeth and some misaligned jaw problems.

When a person manifests any of the problems mentioned above, he/she should seek professional support because only an expert can recommend the most appropriate orthodontic treatment, in here is included aesthetics to prevent future issues.

Down below, we will answer some of the most common concerns about orthodontics.


Why choose our orthodontic treatment?

We run diverse orthodontic techniques. In this case, they are chosen by the expertise in the function of the X-rays, prototypes and expectations from the patient

We are dentist specialised in orthodontics. In other words, they are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment related to the position, relationship, function and shape of the oral structure. In addition, they can also handle problems related to facial bones and oral health improvement.

We have been improving and renovating our knowledge about the new dentistry technologies and in the odontology field. For this reason, we have been focusing on providing the latest technology and the best services to our patients.

We adapt the latest methods to each patient's needs.

In our clinic, we can handle all the dental specialities available. This gives the patient a sense of relief and trust when coming to us.

Our dental team is qualified with Masters and Doctorates in dentistry

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