What are aesthetic treatments, types and characteristics?

Aesthetic dentistry, also known as dental aesthetics, is a branch or specialty of dentistry specifically dedicated to solving any problem that may arise in dental aesthetics and this is achieved through a variety of aesthetic treatments about which we will learn much more below. .

What is aesthetic treatment?

A dental aesthetic treatment is one that is carried out in order to recover an aesthetic harmony in the mouth.

In addition to this, on many occasions they are also done in order to solve any complication that may arise in the patient’s oral health.

These types of treatments are widely common today and the results obtained can be very good and without causing any problems to oral health.

Of course, to ensure the results of their aesthetic treatments, they must choose the dental clinic where they will be carried out very well.

An important detail to mention about this type of cosmetic dental treatment is that the first thing that the professional who will treat us must make sure is that we have excellent dental health, that is, we do not have cavities or other oral diseases.

After curing or ruling out these diseases or problems of the mouth, if the aesthetic treatment can be carried out.

At present we can find a huge variety of dental aesthetic treatments and it is that everything will depend on what the patient may need.

In the same way, in general, there are several types of aesthetic treatments and we will know some of them later.

Types of aesthetic treatments

Now that we know what aesthetic treatment is or what aesthetic treatments are, we simply have to know which are some of the most common and which could be adapted to what you may need at this time.

1. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening are the most common cosmetic dental treatments in the world.

Currently they have reached a point where tooth whitening is a fairly simple treatment that can last for a long time (between 3 to 5 years depending on the oral hygiene of each person and the quality of the treatment).

What is the purpose of teeth whitening?

Eliminate all kinds of stains that our teeth may have over time, by consuming different foods or drinks that generate some stains, among other things.

This treatment not only shows aesthetic results in people, it also changes a lot the way of life and is that many patients feel sorry for their smile and do not even want to laugh in public.

A teeth whitening offers the possibility of increasing self-esteem and even improving people’s lives.

2. Dental veneers, very useful aesthetic treatments

A dental veneer is an aesthetic solution to different types of problems that can occur in some of our teeth:

  • Spaces between the teeth.
  • A single stained tooth.
  • A tooth that is a bit broken, among other things.

The dental veneer is simply a kind of mask that is placed on the front of the tooth in order to imitate the way that tooth should look.

They are usually made of porcelain, although sometimes a material called composite can be used.

The process of preparation and placement of a dental veneer is really fast, therefore, it is an almost immediate solution to any problem of dental aesthetics.

3. Dental reconstructions

These treatments are among the most common in the world of dental aesthetics and the teeth can be slightly felt after extracting cavities or simply due to having a fracture.

What should be done in such cases?

A dental reconstruction that can restore those spaces that may have remained.

For dental reconstructions, a material called composite is also used, which has a color quite similar to the natural color of the tooth.

It is important for them to know that there are a variety of types of composite, therefore, they must ensure that their dental clinic uses the highest quality for the results of dental reconstruction to be effective.

4. Gingivectomy

This aesthetic treatment is a bit more complex than the ones we discussed previously, in this case, local anesthesia must be applied and it consists of a simple surgery.

Gingivectomy is done with a very clear and simple purpose: to reduce the size of the gums a little so that the smile looks more elegant and a little better.

One of the advantages of this treatment is that the operation is not very complicated and does not have an exaggerated recovery time.

5. Dental implants, one of the best aesthetic treatments of the moment

Dental implants are here to stay, this aesthetic treatment is carried out mainly to improve the functionality of our teeth.

On the other hand, it is also recommended to recover a beautiful smile, with better shape and color.

What is the dental implant?

It is a treatment in which implants (usually made of titanium) are inserted into the jaw bone that adhere to the bones and then, at the top of that implant, adhere a crown that replaces the lost tooth.

These treatments take a little longer as several steps must be followed first:

  1. Surgery is performed in which the dental implant is inserted.
  2. Then we must wait a few months for our body to adhere the implant to the jaw.
  3. Finally, measurements should be taken and crowns made.

6. Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatments also enter as part of aesthetic treatments and while its purpose may also be to improve the functioning of the teeth, many do it simply to improve the smile.

Orthodontic treatments are very varied, but they all have one main purpose:

Treat any type of anomaly that may occur in the teeth (shape of the jaw, teeth that are not in place, among other things).

Now that you know more about cosmetic dental treatments, it is time to contact the best dental clinic of the moment: Condor Dent and request an appointment to carry out that aesthetic treatment that you want so much.

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